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We welcome you in . We are here to guide all about Jyotish and impact of different planet over human life. We will also describe here somewhat about its presance and history. Vedic Jyotish has been present since ancient times and it has proven its worth again and again by guiding us in right direction as well as by helping us from time to time. The readings of Vedic Jyotish are very accurate if the astrologer knows how to read a horoscope using the knowledge of Jyotish in its true sense and the remedies of Vedic Jyotish have proved their worth by getting the affected people out of trouble billions of times. Vedic Jyotish offers remedies and solutions like Mantras, Poojas, Yantras, Gemstones and Charities and the combined and appropriate use of these remedies can reduce the bad yogas or doshas present in the horoscope of a native and at the same time these remedies can enhance the strength of good yogas present in a horoscope by strengthening the positive planets in a horoscope. Remedies like gemstones are used to get benefits from positive planets in a horoscope whereas Vedic Jyotish uses remedies like Mantras, Poojas and Yantras to get benefits from positive as well as negative planets. The vision of Vedic Jyotish is to help every native find the true path of his life and then walk on that path so that he may be able to accomplish for what he has been sent to this earth. Hence all the astrologers practicing in Vedic Jyotish should keep its guidelines in mind and they should guide their clients in the right direction, accordingly. we are providing best online astrologer in india