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Our Services

Our Services

The charge sent through the website can receive the following services:-

(Handwritten) horoscope (birth chart)— Rs. 2100.00

Only the date of birth to the future:
Only the date of birth and your birth chart formulations present in the good and bad about the flaws and try to get the right information from these formulations and cons, learn about the pros and cons. Flaws in your birth chart, as well as measures intended to Know.— Rs. 2100.00


Horoscope Consultation:
Good and bad formulations present in your birth chart and try and find the right information about the flaws and demerits of these formulations should also know about the pros and cons . Flaws in your birth chart , as well as measures intended to Know .
– Juice.
— 1100.00

Horoscope This report is a comprehensive report with detailed prophecies. Calculate specific Warshafl $ prediction for a year . This type of Warshafl can be cast for any specific year . Vedic Astrology is all about predicting the manual calculations . A (handwritten) Know Horoscope .
– Juice.

Your mantra:
Good to Know about your mantras and chants through these very important areas of your life to achieve success multiply possibilities .
– Juice.

Your device:
Good to Know about your devices and instruments through these very important areas of your life to achieve success possibilities multiply. ……. Call Us

Your Business:
Learn about your profitable business and success of these measures to Know. ……Call Us

Horoscope Matching:
Horoscope matching for your happy married life and should be conducted on the basis of matching Know what areas of your marriage may well and including Kinmen Krrab . To make their marriage a happy horoscope matching Know Flaws in the prevention as well as properties to Milan defects , such as vascular defects, defects etc. prevention should also know Bkut.— Rs. 00.00

Marriage Issues:
Your wedding is unduly delayed or less marital happiness and more problems . Get your horoscope study and prevention of defects Learn to reduce your marital bliss .— Rs. 2100.00

Other problems:
In addition to the above issues or any other problems , such as Petr blame blame , Manglik Dosha , Kaal Sarpa Dosha , cheek Get original defects etc. prevention. ………. Call Us / Visit Us