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Sampoorn Rognashak yantra

Sampoorn Rognashak yantra


By worshipping Sampoorna Rognashake yantra one is blessed with health, wealth and happiness , good fortune and fame. Sampoorna Rognashaka yantra words off evil effects such as fear of ghosts, accidental death and disease etc. By worshipping tha sampoorna Rog Nashak yantra one is free from miseries and troubles sampoorna rognashaka yantra also ensures freedom from fear of death, chronic, disease and grave dangers. By worshipping sampoorna rognashak yantra one is blessed with siddhi, success, prosperity and its helps in  all direction and every sphere of life.

8×8 Gold Plated no casing / 8×8 Gold Plated with frame

12×14 Gold plated no casing / 12×14 Gold plated with frame.



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