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Sampoorn Vidya Dayak yantra

Sampoorn Vidya Dayak yantra


In Hindu mythology, Saraswati Devi is controller of education, intelligence,speech and music, sampoorna vidya pradayak yantra is comprised of 13 yantras with saraswati yantra in centre surrounded by following 12 yantras with surya yantra, shukra yantra, chandra yantra, mangal yantra, gayatri yantra, ketu yantra, rahu yantra, shani yantra, geeta yantra, navdurga yantra, brishpati yantra, budh yantra. By worshipping sampoorna vidya dayak yantra one will be blessed with success in examination and concentration in studies. Sampoorna vidya dayak yantra sharpens grasping power, memory and intellect sampoorna vidya dayak yantra should be worshipped specially by children and students who suffer from break in education. Sampoorna vidya dayak yantras is beneficial for higher studies and competition.

8×8 Gold Plated no casing / 8×8 Gold Plated with frame

12×14 Gold plated no casing /  12×14 Gold plated with frame.



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