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Sampoorna Kaalsarp yantra

Sampoorna Kaalsarp yantra


Kaal means death. The person born under complete Kaal sarp yaga passes through death like againes through out his life. Kaal sarp yaga is formed when all the planets are situated between rahu and ketu. It is one of the malefic yogas. If it is presents in the horoscope the person has to face lots of difficulties, obstacles and set books in life. He does not get desired results inspite of putting lots of efforts. Sampoorna Kaal sarp yantra is made of thirteen potent yantra etched up in a special configuration on one plate comprising a big 7”x7” Kaal sarp, Shree yantra, kuber yantra, Ganpati yantra , Sampoorna Mahalaxmi yantra, Sukh Smridhi yantra, Maha Mritunjay yantra, Sani yantra, Rahu yantra, Ketu yantra, Vahan Durghatana Nashak yantra, Durga Beesa and Mahalaxmi yantra. This sacred yantra comprising of all Kaal sarpa Dosha in an effective manner with long life, success, intelligence and happiness.

8×8 Gold Plated no casing / 8×8 Gold Plated with frame

12×14 Gold plated no casing /  12×14 Gold plated with frame.



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